Tongue In Cheek... and Other Tasty Places
Anal sex is scary .. I have this weird fear that Ill have anal sex and then one day years from now I'll be standing teaching an elementary school class and my bowls will fall to my feet. This will of course scar my kids for the rest of their lives. No bueno.

But I am curious. So how would I go about safely trying anal while still having good bowel health.

( I am insanely bored. Your ask box may be flooded with non sensical questions from me. Don't be alarmed. The storm will pass. )

Since The Guy doesn’t really do the “anal thing” I suppose this is meant for my freaky ass. *giggle*

Don’t be afraid of it. I used to be…

Going anal safely means going SLOWLY, RELAXING and going it with someone you trust to listen to you and what you tell them about how you are feeling. And a generous amount of high quality lube. SERIOUSLY. 

Before you go it with a partner, you might (and I strongly advise this) want to begin with playing with anal toys. Plugs, beads and dildos allow you to become familiar with the sensations on your own (or with a partner) without going “full monty” on the first go. That way you can experiment with depth and speed of penetration, how much muscle relaxation and lubrication you will require and what actually feels good. You can find a variety of quality affordable anal play apparatus here and here. Remember to follow all instructions and keep them SUPER DUPER ULTRA CLEAN. 

If you are concerned about the actual cleanliness of your particular anal area, enemas are your friend. Also… a good shower before hand helps. 

And perhaps most importantly, if anything feels off (read: extremely painful) or you see blood, stop immediately. Remember that the anus is a thin membrane and can be perforated if too much force is exerted on it. Perforated bowels require surgery for repair. 

Don’t let this scare you away… just be very careful and listen to your body. For both the good feelings and the bad. 

I wish you good luck on your anal adventures. 

Lascivious wishes and sexy sex dreams,

-The Girl.

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